A beautiful commercial doesn't just come together overnight.  It takes hours of pre-production planning in collaboration with our client and video production team to iron out all of the details to ensure everything goes as planned come filming day, and then hours of post-production editing work to bring a vision to life.  After watching one of our latest projects above, we invite you to explore our video production process step by step.

STEP 1:  Pre-production | Scriptwriting

We begin our pre-production process for scriptwriting with a kickoff call with the client to make sure we are on the same page to achieve the goals the client has in mind for their video.  After the call, our team does in-depth research on our client's industry, competition, keywords searched by the client's target audience, as well as understand the client's differentiators.  We craft and present the script to our client along with a rough vision of what we have in mind.  The script is then tweaked through the process of 2-3 revisions until the final script is approved by the client.  Please keep in mind that this step may be skipped if your video project does not require a script.  We've included a real example of two parts of a script here.

Character Background & Script Examples

Zelaya Productions Dallas Texas Caregive
Zelaya Productions Dallas Texas Caregive

STEP 2:  Pre-production | Character Development, Casting Call, Location Scouting, Storyboard, Prop List, Rehearsals &

Film Scheduling

The next step of the pre-production process requires a lot of legwork from our team.  While our producer begins pulling everything we need together for the day of the shoot, our writers work with our director to put together a storyboard, which is essentially a shot list.  After the storyboard is approved, our assistant works with the producer to formulate a prop list and a shoot schedule so that our entire cast and crew can stay on track within the allotted time we have for filming at the location.  Our lead scriptwriter and director then rehearse with the actors beforehand. Please keep in mind that some video projects do not require casting or location scouting, however storyboard, prop list and film scheduling always apply before filming unless it is for a live event.

Zelaya Productions Dallas Texas Caregive
Zelaya Productions Dallas Texas Caregive
Zelaya Productions Dallas Texas Caregive

Character Profiles & Wardrobe Inspiration

Zelaya Productions Dallas Texas Caregive
Zelaya Productions Dallas Texas Caregive
Zelaya Productions Dallas Texas Caregive

Story Board & Shot List

Zelaya Productions Storyboard Shot List
Zelaya Productions Storyboard Shot List

Virtual Table Reading with the Cast

Zelaya Productions Cast Table Read Dalla

Shoot Schedule Example

Zelaya Productions Shoot Schedule Dallas

STEP 3:  Equipment Prep, Setup, & Filming

Zelaya Productions BTS Dallas Texas Care

When it comes to filming day, there is still prep work to be done.  Camera rigs, stabilization equipment, and lighting equipment are prepped and setup.  The time this takes varies depending on the complexity of the project as well as how many crew members are involved.  In this scenario, the team arrived on location the day before for setup and lighting design for the main scenes.  On filming day the cast and crew arrived at the appointed time and film according to the pre-determined schedule.  Following filming for the day, our crew will tear down the set.


STEP 4:  Post-production | Editing

Where the magic happens!  Now our editors begin the process of putting the footage together according to the pre-approved storyboard we mentioned earlier.  The first draft of the video project is basic with no color grade or music, with a placeholder for the voice actor.  Non-color graded footage is straight from the camera and gray.  Along with the first draft the client will have a few voice actor options selected by our team that we recommend for the project.  Once the cllient selects the voice actor, our team then sends the script and the voice actors head into the studio to record the script.  It is on the second and third drafts that transitions, effects, text if applicable, and color grading take place.  Each draft is presented by one of our team members so that the client can provide immediate feedback.  After the third and final revisions are complete, the video project is finalized and then digitally delivered to the client.

Zelaya Productions Dallas Texas Caregive

Draft 1 & Client Feedback in our Client Portal

Zelaya Productions Dallas Texas Caregive

Voice Actor Client Selection in our Client Portal

Zelaya Productions Voice Actor Selection

Post-production Editing & Colorgrading

Zelaya Productions Colorgrading.png

Closing Thoughts

The best part about receiving your finalized video project is putting your stunning quality videos to use.  During the discovery process and scriptwriting kickoff call our goal is always to help our clients utilize their videos for the long run.  What this means is thinking strategically about how you plan to utilize your video to get the most bang for your buck. Housing your videos on your website is a wonderful way to engage your audience, but planning a video that can be used for more than one purpose like social media advertisements, or as a part of your pitch deck, proposal meetings, and live events along with proper video marketing, audience targetting, as well as a proper landing page funnel for ads are all variables that will help you see a return on your investment.

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