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Zelaya Productions is a video & photo production company that produces stunning, quality, videos & photos for your advertisement, marketing, website & social media content needs.




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We make video & photo content for businesses that

drives conversions & increases branding

Visual storytelling, client service, & technical excellence are at the core of what we do.   Our overarching goal is to connect your brand with your audience, help give you a visual identity, & stand out from your competition.  So what kind of content do we produce?  We craft beautiful explainer videos, corporate videos, interviews, testimonials, product videos, commercials, advertisements, promotional, event, & educational videos.    As for commercial photography services, we offer corporate headshots, drone photography, branding photos, product photography, & more.  Already have an idea for what you need?  Or, not sure how to get started?

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Why Zelaya Productions?


We are skilled at planning &

budgeting for any level of video production. We also offer several commercial photography options.


Whether you have an idea for a concept or need help brainstorming for your video project, we're here to help.


Video production is our jam! 

We can make any kind of video or short film & we are storytellers at heart. We are also fantastic photographers & photo editors.  Lighting setups & photoshop work are our specialities.


We are excellent problem solvers & innovation is our strong point.

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So easy to work with!! Amazing people and they make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera!

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You all are awesome...thanks for the amazing professionalism and for knocking it out of the park for us!

Absolutely amazing. Their work is some of the best I've seen in Dallas, and they are great to work with. Thank you for everything!!


Why are so many brands choosing video as a marketing tool? 

Here are a few fast facts to consider.

Approximately 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily.


45% of viewers watch an hour or more of video per day.


73% of viewers have made a purchase after watching a video.


81% of businesses that use video on their website & social media

saw an increase in sales.

Why is video such a powerful marketing tool?

Videos increase engagement & build trust.

Videos allow you to be personal & build viewer confidence online before making a purchase, scheduling calls or meeting in person. 

If you provide value through visual storytelling consistently, you are more likely to build a longterm following.


Videos provide visual explanations.

Videos allow you to explain your service or product in depth, educate viewers, & answer areas of confusion or concern.


Videos increase prospect to client conversions.

Prospects who watch videos on your website or social media are more engaged & more likely to buy your product or service.  

Visual storytelling allows prospects to process information on their own time, in their own environment, in a non-confrontational manner which increases qualified leads &  the chances of converting a warm lead to a client.


Videos increase brand awareness.

A well-planned & produced video has the power to evoke emotion which inspires your viewer to take action & increases share-ability. The more relatable your videos are, the more share-able they become, & the more your videos are shared, your brand becomes more relevant. Not to mention, social media platforms are encouraging video content more than ever.